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What are the Differences Between Dry and Wet Slides?

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One of the greatest ways to provide entertainment and fun for young guests in an event is inflatable slides. Similar to interactives and bounce houses, inflatable slides are well-known with kids, enabling the party host to give a never-ending thrill at outdoor events and parties all over the year. There are a lot of slide types, each with its respective uses and features. In this article, we will be distinguishing dry and wet slides as we provide you the information you require to make the best party in the future. 

Inflatable slides 

Inflatable products have various great configurations and styles, providing clients a wide range of selection to choose from. When it comes to slides, a lot of features are focused on construction and design, making them distinct in the inflatable industry. 

After having the designs, such as configurations, shapes, and colors, the construction process starts. Commercial-grade inflatable slides set off as vinyl fabric sheets. The fabricator then cuts these sheets into pieces based on an itemized pattern. The pieces are then stitched all together by utilizing multi-filament nylon thread to make it durable for a long time. 

Regardless of the slide type, there are 3 major parts including the climbing ramp, lanes, and the body. The body is the inflatable’s footprint, which gives a stable base. It is basically where the whole unit relies on structural assistance. The fun starts at the slide lanes. Other models have single lanes, while others have multiple lanes. These lanes might be curved or straight around the inflatables body. Usually, to make the lanes extra slippery, they are lined with a vinyl material that has a slick finish. Ultimately, there’s the climbing ramp. This is usually located beside the slide lanes. However, it could be located on the back or side part of the unit.  

Dry-Only vs. Wet/Dry Inflatable Slides 

People often wonder what the differences between the two types of slides are. While the general configuration, construction, and design are similar between these two slide models, there are some variations in the final product.  

Dry-only slides have a small ramp, inflatable wall, and a higher bumper. While the side lane bases of wet/dry slides have splash pools.  

Moreover, wet/dry slides may have an attachment or loop for a water hose near the top of the body of the slide, which aids to maintain the wetness of slide lanes to add slippery excitement. 

Dry slides are well-loved by customers since they could be utilized anywhere. It could be used at festivals, in the backyards, or even indoors. Community organizations and school usually host indoor events, and waterslides are just not suitable to be used indoors.  

On the contrary, wet/dry slides could provide excitement and fun that you just can’t have with other types of slides.  

Those are only some differences that those slide models have. To know more about inflatable slides or bounce house, just keep on visiting our website. Also, you can contact us directly if you want to rent any slide mode for your upcoming event. 

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