How to Paint Your Home Exterior like A Pro

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Household paintings are essential for many reasons. Having a nice painting adds a beautiful appeal and a good personality character to your household. That is why homeowners would invest in having a paint job for their home. However, before painting, it is important to know first what specific shade and style you want to paint. It should serve a purpose like a good defense against bad insects and early structure damages. But, doing this type of task needs an expert in the field. Hiring professional painters like the Sunbelt pro painters is necessary. Upon planning to paint your home exterior, ensure to do the task with a person who has enough skills and expertise to do the job. By that, a freshly new looks home will likely look attractive and will last for years.  


To give you further statements about this, we have put in the list the tips on how to paint your home exterior like a pro. Take note of these helpful tips as we bring you the best information in doing some paint jobs in your home.  

  • The first step is to prepare the surface of your home. You may feel excited to directly paint it but it might look like the target appearance you wish to have. Professionals prepare first the area to have a good finishing result. According to some experts, 95 % of good painting results from a good and clean surface area. Moreover, when painting with stucco, cure it for at least 30 days. If the stucco is not yet cured, the painting will result to appear dusty or chalky. But, if you do only repaint, take away first the imperfections of the area by using chlorine-bleached, then, apply it to the surface.  
  • Before painting makes sure also to seal some cracks and joints. And, if the stucco is already old, it probably appears to have pits and chips, cover it with new stucco. Also, replace the wood siding when it begins to rot.  
  • Priming is also important. Always take time to prime. To have to target your ideal paint plans, you just need to prime with a quality sealer and use a chalky sealer to the chalky surface. If you are in a hurry and the stucco is not yet cured, apply some hot stucco primer. This technique will easily accept the paint as soon as the primer being used has dried up. Remember to read the label in the primer and sealer to know how much time will have to wait before you start to paint.  
  • As a painter, choosing the quality of the exterior paint is necessary. To know if the paint is good, check how much acrylic latex it contains. Quality paintings contain 100 % of it. Check also the pigment which probably provides color, binders, and solvents. It would be better if the paintings are labeled as super-premium, this ensures the higher volume solid.  
  • The painter must know the exact color they want to paint. However, if you still have some confusion, browse it on the internet or simply look at your neighbor’s paintings. By that, you will be able to decide what particular paintings you will start to apply. Thus, hiring professionals to do the job could get you not to worry even deciding the good color of your home. They know everything about it.  
  • If everything is set already, you can now start to do paint. In painting, the usual way is by spraying and rolling back and forth. This technique is to be done by two people, one will spray while the other will roll quickly. Also, the second coating should be applied to have a more appealing result.  
  • Lastly, the best part is to do some finishing touches. This means that you have successfully made your project done.   

In planning to have good paint, there is no particular set of time when you must do it. However, you need to thoroughly observe the climate, the quality type of the painting that was previously made, and whether you did a good decision on hiring a professional. When the paintings last only for three years below, that is absolutely a poor painting job. Take note that when you notice a chipped and cracks everywhere or there are extent peeling, you should order to do a repaint. This is the best time to change the color of your home.  

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